Tuesday, September 27, 2005

New Violins!

Written by Alex:

My first violin lesson was good. I did really well, and it was fun. I got my own violin. I didn't really like the teacher because she did not teach very well. Mrs. Florin is a better teacher. I go to Freddy For Music on every Wednesday at 1:00. I got there in a taxi. When I played the violin my arm got tired, but I still played. In the beginning I had to use a big violin, but I still did well. I learned the notes G D A E, and how to hold the bow and violin.


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Blogger Kram-Nizam said...

Alex! what a great job you did writing this section! Toma and you look quite serious on the 'strings'. I hear that Mazin is the best on the violin, though. Wait, may that was the vile-in that Mazin is the best at. At any rate, Mazin is the best. Love you guys

7:41 AM  

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