Tuesday, December 27, 2005

New Pets

We have finally become quite settled in Jordan and our family has grown. We have acquired two guinea pigs ('arnab hindi' in Arabic). Their names are Benny and Sqirmy. They bring Toma and Alex a lot of enjoyment!

"And they are very cute" says Alex.


Blogger Kram-Nizam said...

Firstly, why is Toma crying next to the Christmas tree? Are you afraid of Christmas trees, Toma? Don't cry, baby,...the Easter buny will soon be here...never fear. Jen, I believe that you are no longer homeschooling the children, so can we get an update on their school. Also, amI looking at the original Benny or the newly reconstituted Benny? Love you guys, thanks for the blogging and Mazin is the best ever!!!

P.S. Where's Jordan?

7:48 AM  

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