Tuesday, September 27, 2005

New Violins!

Written by Alex:

My first violin lesson was good. I did really well, and it was fun. I got my own violin. I didn't really like the teacher because she did not teach very well. Mrs. Florin is a better teacher. I go to Freddy For Music on every Wednesday at 1:00. I got there in a taxi. When I played the violin my arm got tired, but I still played. In the beginning I had to use a big violin, but I still did well. I learned the notes G D A E, and how to hold the bow and violin.

Our apartment

We have been in Jordan for almost three weeks now. We found a nice apartment with three bedrooms. We are still waiting for our crates to arrive with some more furnishings. The quilts that Grandma made make the place feel like home. We are on the fourth floor, which is the top floor. So far the only major inconvenience is the washing machine. It is not as automatic as we are used too :)